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Affordable Service and Hosting

ANS Computers

ANS Computers, located in Rydalmere, NSW Australia, is your one stop shop for PC Sales, Service, Home Networking and Hosting Services. We do both Home and In Shop service and maintenence of PC's .

VPSDime comes highly recommended for linux and Windows VPS servers on-demand.

Why us?

In today's day and age, the ever present problem of virus's and updating of computers can be quite costly to you, but it doesn't need to be. ANS Computers believes in fast, friendly, and inexpensive alternatives to help you secure your home or business system or network. We stand by our work, and believe our rates fall well below our competitors. We won't sell you anything you don't need or want, and we do our best to get the lowest priced, but best quality hardware and software. From a new system, to backing up, upgrading or reformatting your old system, we can do it all. We charge a flat fee of $40 per hour, and unlike most others, we dont charge you a $150 service call fee....and our estimates are generally on the spot. We offer Norton Ghost Backups of all new systems, incase a future reinstall is needed, so that it won't tie you down with future costs. Proficient in Windows, Linux, and BSD, we are up to date on the current events and happenings in the computer world, and internet security.

In Home Repairs For most customers, it's a simple job of rooting out virus's of one form or another, and won't require you or your system to leave your home. Contact us at 9638-3133 and tell us the problem, and book a slot. Or email us HERE and fill in the form, and we can call you back.

In Shop Repair Need more than just a general cleanup or updating? Bring your system to our shop, located at 11 Dorothy St Rydalmere. We can generally meet same day pickup, or delivery. All services are billed on an hourly rate, with no hidden costs. We won't sock you with a high service call fee, but we will deliver satisfaction.

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