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Affordable Service and Hosting


5bg, Pop3 and SMTP email
Webmail. We allow mechs, and encourage their usage.

Addon for shells:
Dedicated vhost $5mo
Mailing List : $5mo


Cpanel and WHM access, along with MySQL, PhPAdmin
Dedicated IP available. 1gb traffic per month. Extra IP's are available.
Extra bandwidth is available at $.60 per gb.

Server Management

Need a server for your own business?

We can setup your server for, and maintain it for a low monthly fee.
Hosting will be done by The Planet, in Dallas Texas USA, on a dedicated
box for you or your groups use. This will allow you to host your own mail
and web, and ftp server and your own domain, for less than you would with
most other businesses, and allows you to remain in complete control.






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